Shu Ha Ri in knowledge work

-posted as test, from LinkedIn Want to acknowledge @AlexYakyma for inspiring me to be a little bolder regarding consulting and consultants. I am very bothered by the way the Shu Ha Ri model is being applied under the guise of Agile. The saying "start with basics" and "don't consider your situation unique" provides a believable story that supports the delivery of a one size fits all with no variation. This often does not serve the client well.

While general principles do apply to everyone, the particular way they need to be practiced must be adapted to where they are being used.

No one size fits all yet that's what is taught by many. This, of course, happens because many don't come close to the 10,000 hours required to be seriously competent in a field (some now suggest the number is more like 20,000). "Start with this and trust me" is not a good consulting model. I have been railing against this for 17 years.

Shu ha ri as a metaphor can be very useful. Start simply (with understanding) in a way that fits your situation. Learn how to adjust based on principles. But then you must also be taught those principles which I rarely see. Just appealing to the principles of Agile is insufficient.

Will be writing more on this topic soon. But I've already created a resource page on some of these thoughts here

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