The Dot Voting Game.  This has individuals place 3 dots on selected topics.  Those topics with the most number of dots are already selected.

Reactor Space. A session on a topic is selected by those participating in it.  It differs from an open space in that each topic has the purpose of exploring the topic with the intention to report back to the larger community, enabling the larger community to explore the topic even further.  Reactor spaces may also be structured by its facilitator(s) when appropriate. When this happens the session will be based on the concept of synergogy - structured learning for adults.

Gallery Style Report Outs. A gallery style report out is where each group has a member stay in their area and discuss what they learned to people who come by.  There will be four 10 minute segments with the presenter changing each time so they can see other report outs. This approach enables a more detailed report out while providing feedback for the team in how well it is understood.

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