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identifying, sizing and sequencing the work to be done in order to facilitate alignment across the enterprise.  People working on too many items along with a lack of alignment on the work being done are two virtually universal challenges.  How to get more done in less time is a serious concern.  The key to solving this problem is in identifying what work is truly of value.  This session will discuss how the concepts of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Minimum Business Increment (MBI) can be used in working on those items that can be focused on to achieve faster realization of business value by aligning the organization on implementing and delivering them quickly.

Understanding the relationship between business offerings and business capabilities and how this can be used to improve the methods of the organization.  When a new business value need is committed to organizations typically focus on the main area of improvement.  How it will affect other parts of the organization is often not fully considered.  Many organizations work on a project by project basis which causes both a great deal of churn for the teams as well as exacerbates the typical shortage of subject matter expertise needed. This session why understanding how new business offerings require an holistic view is essential.

How to create an effective eco-system that enables business agility, including the roles required to create and maintain it.  Proper alignment of our people to the work that needs to be done is essential to avoid too many things taking place at once.   This is more than just managing the workflow or creating teams or trains.  The eco-system we  create has a huge impact on how well our people can work.  Eco-systems do not efficiently self-organize in large organizations.  Unfortunately, we cannot just create them directly.  Rather they need to evolve based on an alignment around the value of the work to be produced and delivered. This topic will also clarify necessary roles by looking at them as a collection of decisions that must be made and who is responsible for them.

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