What is the Agile Product Management Symposium?

Agile Product Management is the key to being able to realize business value faster with predictability, sustainability and high quality. Yet many organizations are still operating with a mixed collection of Agile and outdated traditional techniques. 

The Agile Product Management Symposiums are designed to help you further your own understanding of how Agility can help your product management process, and also to help you implement improvements across your organization. Each symposium is a one-day peer conference that brings together a select group of thought leaders and practitioners to share knowledge and advance the state of Agile Product Management.  It has been designed around a new model of learning.

Agile Product Management concerns itself with defining the value to be manifested by the business that aligns with its strategic goals.   It includes the following

  1. Identifying, sizing and sequencing the work to be done in order to facilitate alignment across the enterprise. This includes the use of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) and their counterpart in established organizations.

  2. Understanding the relationship between business offerings and business capabilities and how this can be used to improve the methods of the organization and how not attending to it causes misalignment of efforts

  3. How to create an effective eco-system for the above, including the roles required

  4. The proper use of Behavioral Driven Development (BDD) or Acceptance Driven Development (ATDD) to create clarity on requirements (note: this topic will not be addressed in the symposium)

See the Symposium Topics page for more information.

Here's what was said about our first symposium:

- What a great combination of peers and activities to spark logs of new ideas and new ways to look at things!
- Gaining insight and understanding of real best Agile business practices and ideas will help me as a Scrum Master make better decision and help my team and company succeed.
- This was a great sharing experience with other Product Managers.
- The Symposium offers value-added visual exercises help to improve your Agile journey.

During the symposium, participants will focus on these topics together: understanding the issues, discovering how to advance, and discussing how to improve in their ability to assist others in coaching and consulting. Each symposium is divided into three sections:

  • Early morning: Networking and participant discussions on their challenges and successes

  • Late morning to early afternoon: Working on topics 

  • Late afternoon: Creating a plan for how to take what has been learned back to your organization and symposium retrospective

See the schedule for more detail (note that time of start and lunch may vary by symposium).

The symposium uses several learning exercises. Participants will gain practical experience in running these learning exercises so that they can use them in their own work.

There will be a number of presentations at the symposium. Copies of the presentations will be available to symposium participants.

Upcoming Symposiums

  • Dec 12 Richmond, VA: Agile Product Management Symposium  Registration not yet open

  • other cities after these include Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Ft Lauderdale, Raleigh 

If you are interested in helping us sponsor a symposium in one of these or another city please contact Al Shalloway

Registering and Preparing

To register, click the registration link for an APM Symposium. If you want to do multiple registrations or if you manage a user group and want to get a discounted rate for your user group, contact

Mike Shalloway.


After registering, begin to participate in discussions on the Agile Product Management discussion group. This discussion group is designed to be a central point of learning for participants. It lets participants on other symposiums share and keep in touch.

Review the materials in APM Symposium Materials. These have been contributed by True North Consortium consultants.